100K Salary Jobs – Top Myths about Making 100K a Year

by billmason on March 14, 2011

They say to make big bucks, you need to dream bigger. True to this observation, dreaming bigger and more will help you motivate yourself and self motivation is the biggest motivation. However, if just by dreaming, one could make it big – then the biggest gainers would have been the laziest people on the planet! There are more myths associated with earning big than actually earning that amount!

This article seeks to bust top 5 myths about making 100k a year.

Top Myth #1: Education and Degrees are everything

Without education, you’re nowhere – it gives you a direction and a sense of right and wrong. It helps you take logical decisions and take calculated risks. Education makes a man complete. It makes one wiser. However, to say that paper degrees are everything would be too much of estimation because it is generally seen that the biggest money churners are some of the lesser educated people. The best earners in the business are college dropouts; be warned though, being a college dropout doesn’t necessarily make you a millionaire!

Top Myth #2: Finding Jobs is better as it helps you save time

If this were true, then all of the employers would have made job seekers and subsequently, their employee multi-millionaires. It is your attitude, personality and performance that will help you make 100k a year and not by simply joining a high-paying job. Statistics show that people who earn more than 100k a year are the ones who have started their own business rather than the ones who are in a job.

Top Myth #3: Earning Big by Starting Small

Starting small will help you judge the ground reality better but in no case shall it make you a big earner. There is a catch in starting small – you can start small, but build rapidly and build big. If you’ve stayed at the same level for too long, you’re losing out! It is better to take risks and jump queues rather than to play safe always and play small.

Top Myth #4: Do IQ levels matter?

This is perhaps the hottest topic of discussion today. People with greater IQs may seem to be smarter at their mathematics, but there’s a huge doubt about the claim that they have the capability to earn big at the same time. Whatever has been the case till date, it is not proved that big earners are the ones with the biggest IQs. So, if you’ve been cursing your IQ, leave it and spend the time instead on focusing on how to earn big!

Top Myth #5: Everyday jobs won’t help me earn big

Time is a witness to the fact that people who earn big are the ones who deal in daily chores and have capitalized on basic demands of people. One of such well known entrepreneurs is Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook – a simple online social networking site which has taken everyone by surprise! This is the power of keeping it really simple!

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