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by billmason on December 14, 2010

USA is the biggest super power in the world. Though there is very common perception that jobs depend on the intellectual capability of a person. USA is seen as a superpower across the world. And there is just that one country in the world which lets you grow and progress without any bondage. You are free to work and make a lucrative career of your choice.

1) America is the hub of biotechnological studies. The best pharmaceutical companies in the world and the best health care are provided there. Every kind of biotechnological research is very lucrative in the USA. This best job in biotechnology is found there. There are a range of medicines and diagnosis of the best world class standards available there. They keep researching on curing deadliest of diseases from cancers to genetic disorders.

2) The telecom industry is booming out there. Maximum revenue collected by the government comes from there. They provide employment to a large number of people and thus there is a sharp rise in standards of living and also lifestyle in its entirety changed completely. There are many responsibilities and therefore a wide range of jobs are available at this sector. The remotest of areas also have every telecommunication facility and that speaks volumes about their efficiency.

3) Sales and marketing jobs are very famous in USA and that is now the most sought after industry in the country. IT employs a very large number of people. They are many departments to handle the sector well and therefore there was a dearth of people filling up the place.

4) There are menial jobs like e book marketing. It isn’t the most creative job but the young generation is employed in large numbers there.

5) This is kind of game profession is practically unheard of in countries like India but game testing is fun and adventures profession which gets you money at home and working with games for people who love it can be the best profession ever. More and more people have been doing this work around us.

6) Health care jobs: Medical health care is mighty expensive in USA and people just earn a lot of money from it. Paramedical staff gets paid very high and doctors are semi Richie rich out there.

7) Sociology is a budding field in USA and more and more people are interested in taking up research in the subject. America has always enthused moral rational thinking and therefore many people are going in for further studies in sociology like research and proper field work in the subject.

8) Related to sociology is the field of Human resource and today to look after the affairs of employees and their demands and concerns the management has decided to have friendly relations with its employees. Human resource department just facilitates that.

9) IT jobs are as popular is USA. The technology related jobs are of a high standard and more and more people are running after those jobs.

10) Teaching is one job that never loses charm. Being a country that believes in division of labour, professors and teachers are deemed to be cool and so is the profession.

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