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by billmason on May 4, 2010

Prostitution is an act where by money is exchanged for sexual acts. A person is liable to be charged for solicitation, irrespective of the fact whether the services were purchased or not.

The CEO of LawCrossing, A. Harrison Barnes has pointed out that the lawyers of prostitution are required to deal with several issues. The issues are stated below:

The lawyer is required to investigate whether there has been any sexual contact. Sexual contact occurs when a couple engages in sexual intercourse. The laws relating to prostitution are neutral in most of the states; it covers both the opposite sex as well as the same sex prostitution. The term sexual contact includes other kinds of touching as well.

The attorneys dealing with the case of prostitution are required to investigate if any of the party supported prostitution. The person who patronizes prostitution pays certain amount of money as reward for sexual conduct. It may as well so happen, that a person patronizes prostitution in case a person requests for sexual contact in lieu of some value.

The law of prostitution sees to it that some value has been offered or exchanged with another party. The law does not differentiate between the compensation going to the person who personified sexual contact and the individuals or the third party involved. Moreover the law does not differentiate even if a person who personalized sexual conduct gets into sexual relation with the party he or she is paying, or enters into sexual relation with another third party believes A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of LawCrossing.

The competent prostitution attorneys are extremely proficient in defending the individuals who have been accused of solicitation of prostitution. This is a very important step that the lawyers must engage in, for avoiding convictions. If you have been a victim of police sting, make sure that you are not entrapped. Regrettably not all police stings require entrapments. You can get in touch with the lawyers and advocate for seeking the best defense possible. This is what A. Harrison Barnes believes.

Solicitation of prostitution is considered to be a serious offence. If a person is accused for the first time, he may be jailed for a period of up to one year. A person facing accusations for the third time may be charged with criminal offence and can be sentenced for more than one year. The sex offence trails come under the public knowledge, there by exposing to the other family members and personal acquaintances about his supposed indiscretion. The prostitution lawyers device the best possible strategies to keep the case confidential. It is the responsibility of the attorneys to see to it that the case remains confined within the court room, and away from the glare of the media, and press coverage.

In the age on information and technology, the cases pertaining to internet prostitution or “Disorderly Conduct” is on the rise. Incase you are a customer, facilitator or a prostitute; engaged in internet prostitution, you might be arrested by the police and charged. According to A. Harrison Barnes, irrespective of the fact whether you are a buyer or seller, if you are receiving or paying money via the internet for sex, you are going against the prostitution laws in some of the states. Internet now-a-days have been widely used for the purpose of cyber sex. Once convicted, you may have to face severe penalties. Make sure that you refrain from such activities, because the nature of the humiliation, fine and the sentence of jail, can have serious psychological effect on you as well as your family members.

The attorneys in most of the states are trying to crack down internet prostitution very aggressively, following the measures stated below:

All the illegal websites have been tracked and attempts have been taken to crack them down. The legitimacy of the sites are questioned and examined by the law courts says A. Harrison Barnes. Most of these illegal sites advertise as “escort” or “companionship” services. The real problem starts when sex offences are solicited as part of the escort services. Attempts have been made to break the prostitution rings. The owners of the massage parlors and escort services are charged on the basis of the evidences gathered from raids and sting operations. The undercover tactics have arrested hundreds of people all over the world on a weekly basis. A. Harrison Barnes states that the sting operations and undercover operations are very strategic measures that are adopted for arresting those involved with illegal sex trade.

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