The Strength of the Healthcare Industry

by billmason on May 6, 2010

The healthcare industry appears to be recession-proof. As other sectors continue to report more layoffs and company closings, the need for nurses, physicians, EMTs and other medical personnel continues to grow. Further, new positions are being created to ensure medical facilities remain current in ever-changing economical and technological times.

One career expert, A. Harrison Barnes, reports both personnel and the employment sector must continue to work together to better meet the needs of an aging baby boomer generation as well as work together to find new solutions for treating those who no longer have health care and often, no means to pay for medical attention.

Job opportunities for disaster personnel, such as those who travelled across the country following Hurricane Katrina and the 2001 terrorist attacks, served as an eye opener. Disasters will continue and as such, the medical field needs those qualified to oversee the health of those most affected will continue to rise as well. A new title, “disaster medical personnel” has recently been defined as those travelling nurses, physicians and other medically trained providers willing to temporarily relocate to areas where there is a need. More resumes are including extensive experience in these noble career choices. Reputable job career sites, such as and are seeing an increase for those with this experience.

Perhaps the best part about these new roles is that they require no more education than what is currently expected of medical personnel. Often, with a brief training period designed to ensure these health care providers can provide rapid and effective healthcare in emergencies, providers go into an on-call status, ready to travel wherever help is most needed.

As a result of these enormous sacrifices, one can be sure their efforts are rewarded with exceptional salaries. Many can often earn $90,000 or more annually, making this an incredibly lucrative career. Even those just entering the job markets are discovering job opportunities that allow them to travel while gaining experience and knowledge in the medical field.

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