Approaching an ERP Recruiter

by billmason on July 5, 2011

In order to accentuate their chances of securing a job, it is imperative for a person to understand the skill sets that an ERP recruiter is looking for when hiring people for sap entry level jobs. SAP positions are available in diverse sectors from health care to IT/ITES and from manufacturing to hospitality. A SAP certification is just the basic qualifications required to be considered for an entry level position. However, a candidate can expect several hundred individuals to walk in with their certification in hand; a recruiter will looks for a variety of skills when considering a person for such a position.

Industry exposure

One of the primary considerations that will give you an edge over the other job aspirants is the industry exposure that you may have garnered through your project work. Anybody who expects to land a job right after completing his SAP certification course is being overly optimistic. One of the best ways to ensure that you stand out among your competitors in the job market is to get your industry specific experience and add to your SAP portfolio by completing several projects. A recruiter will certainly be looking for a candidate with business experience that fits into the SAP framework.

Soft Skills Required for sap entry level jobs

Because SAP has wide spread applications in an organization where it can be used across several departments from training to administration and more; candidates will be expected to demonstrate superlative communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Apart from this, depending on the size of the organization that you intend to work with, there may be several professionals who are part of the SAP team; the ability to work in a team environment and excel as a group member will also be viewed in a positive light.

Other things that ERP Recruiters are looking for

Just like any other entry level position, it would help if you not only familiarize yourself with the industry that you want to work in but also gather information on the company that you are interested in working with. While there are scores of online establishments that are offering SAP training, it is vital to understand that reputation of the training center where you have acquired your SAP skills will also be a crucial constraint when choosing you for sap entry level jobs. In addition to this, most recruiters also like to see a correlation between academic background and the SAP module of your choosing. For instance, if you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in human resource, training would be one of the right SAP modules for you.

Enhance your SAP skills

One of the best ways to enhance your SAP skills, score a project or two and network with SAP professionals and ERP recruiters is to join online SAP forums. These sites not only have a wealth of information for beginners but also offer valuable resources for freshers interested in building their competencies by taking on a project. Since several ERP recruiters also frequent these forums in search of candidates to fill entry level SAP positions, you will be able to get first hand information on what they are looking for.

It’s crucial to understand that while there is a lot of scope for individuals seeking sap entry level jobs, you will need to be patient and flexible to enhance your chances of securing employment with companies of your choice. SAP careers are consistently listed among the top grossing employment prospects in the country, so while it may take some time for you to break into the sector, once you do, there will be no looking back.

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