Find out if the Employer is a Good Fit

by billmason on May 1, 2010

Before you accept the offer of a new job you must find out if the employer you are about to work with is a good fit or not. It is important for you to know whether the culture, the environment, the bonus facilities and a salary fits your needs and requirements. All these factors count before you can take a vital decision of accepting or refusing the new job offer. You should be aware that things are not always the same as you see them. So, it is suggested that you do your research well.

You cannot take a decision within a second. Understand everything that they are providing you and also what the employer expects from you. Also, evaluate if this job will help you succeed you in your career for you cannot wish to be at the same position your entire life. If you think the company will give you enough opportunities for career advancement, then you must choose working with that company. There are many things suggested by A Harrison Barnes, the owner of, that are needed to be considered before taking the decision that will affect your career.

You need to make sure that you are well paid and what allowances and benefits will you get. If you have been asked to work for 40 hours per week by the interviewer, then make sure that you confirm it with the other people in the department. The reality may be different from what is shown to you says A Harrison Barnes. If you do not confirm it then you will not be able to know if the firm is a good option for you. There is a possibility that the organization may say something at the interview and the reality turns to be different.

A Harrison Barnes suggests you to ask for salary related details clearly before you start working with the employer. Bonuses are not given to the employees by every company. There are many organizations that refuse the existence of any bonus once the person has been hired. So make sure that you ask for a written statement about the salary to be paid to you. Do read the terms and conditions in the offer letter or appointment letter. If you need to sign any employment contract, do take a legal opinion before signing.

There are many jobs that ask the employees to travel. A Harrison Barnes recommends you to know the complete detail of how much traveling you will need to do. If you have no problem with traveling then it is not an issue of concern for you. But if you are a person who needs to be home with your family then you need to confirm how much traveling does your work demand.

A Harrison Barnes suggests you to ask questions to clear all your doubts that you can have and are enough to make the decision whether the employer is a good fit for you.

Before you go for the interview make sure that you have gathered enough knowledge about the company. You need to know the size of the firm for it helps you determine the salary, the work environment, etc. Smaller firms consider your overall skills and capabilities whereas large firms look for specific area of technical expertise.

You should perform an online search of the company and find out what kind of search results you get. A Harrison Barnes asks the candidates to think and re-think about the offer carefully. If most of your requirements are fulfilled by the employer then you can definitely go for it. When you visit the office, do take a look at the work area, cafeteria, lounge, etc. Do meet your boss and see what kind of temperament he has. Is he intelligent or friendly or a difficult boss? Do try and have a word with current employees about then work culture. Some employers are too strict while other are a bit easy going.

By following these tips you will definitely be able to make your mind, whether or not you want to opt working for a particular company or employer.

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