How to start a small business network consulting firm?

by billmason on July 4, 2011

Are you skilled in computers networking? Is working with computers a passion for you? Do computers and accessories interest you more than others? You can turn your passion or hobby of computers into a full-fledged networking business and start a small business network consulting firm yourself. All that you need is a do or die attitude, strong knowledge of computer networks, and the urge to keep learning about networking fundamentals, combined with a group of like-minded technicians.

To start a small business network consulting firm you first need a small number of clients who can just get the business started. A full-fledged client base requires that you have good reputation in the market and the ability to fix every problem that comes your way. In order to develop an initial group of clients you can follow any of the following ways:

• Have your own website and submit your website details to the Google local directory, so that people in your city can find you on the web easily.

• Do extensive marketing through emails, bulk text messaging, cold calling and get connected with most people.

• The most dynamic way is to approach corporate offices of small or medium sized corporations and try to persuade them for maintenance contracts.

• Stay in touch with computer vendors, and try to collaborate with them for the one-year warranty they generally provide to their customers. This will give you a great entry in to the market and develop a rapport with people.

• Some people are also known to have benefitted from having their own sales and service teams.

small business network consulting San Diego or in any other city can deliver substantial profits if you are able to develop a sustainable client-base. Often there are agencies who are short of man power and who take help of small business network consulting who are ready to work together. Be it any part of the country, there are people who need help to fix their computers, and there lies an opportunity for you, go grab it!

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