Growing opportunities in the medical sales field

by billmason on July 4, 2011

One of the growing sectors in the present day is healthcare and it is predicted that there is going to be above average percentage growth in the next ten years. The BLS says medical sales employment will prosper as sale of medical supplies is going to increase steadily through 2014 and the growth rate is going to be higher than all other industries put together. Due to this research, many sales professionals are looking towards medical sales career with anticipation. Medical sales representatives act as a link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses. They strategically plan out ways to increase awareness about various new medical products among hospitals, general practices and primary care trusts. Medical representatives specialize in a specific product or medical area, and ensure that their clients use the products of their company. For this, they arrange for presentations and group events involving healthcare professionals and organisations.

Career route to become a medical sales representative

If you are in for medical sales job search first you will need to prepare yourself for this competitive field. A College degree and previous sales experience plus a CPMR certification are the basic requirements of this profession. As there has been an increased volume in medical sales during the last couple of years, one may have to face stiff competition. And moreover, manufacturers and supply companies demand a medical, health, science or business related degree from their sales representative. A professional with self starter attitude to develop new business will help in the search of medical sales employment. Be prepared for a long training period.

Importance of CPMR certification

A Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative, known as CPMR boosts a candidate’s credibility in medical sales employment. It may also help boost the earning capacity. This certification is an indicator of advanced training in practical and business models along with the medical industry’s standard practices. There are usually three training sessions involved and on completing three corresponding exams organised by the Manufacturers’ Representative Educational Research Foundation, one gets the certification.

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