What is Clarify CRM?

by billmason on June 29, 2011

Clarifying CRM, or Customer Relations Management

Customer service call center jobs are still in full force with workers in great demand, despite many moves to “”offshore”" areas like India to fulfill these positions. Customer service call center jobs are still readily available in the US, with 62% of all available call center jobs still available in the US, with about 6% in the UK. Canada comes in third at 5%.

Although many customer service call centers are indeed closing, and this is readily apparent in the news because it’s usually announced when a call center closes, there may not be much fanfare when it comes to opening a customer service call center; that’s in part because doing so would give a particular company’s competitor information about its business it would rather not disclose. Therefore, the balance is remaining roughly the same, with customer service call center jobs alive and well. In fact, more than 183,000 new call center jobs have been available recently, with 25% of those occurring in the US.

CRM and customer service call center jobs

One thing that is becoming prevalent in customer service call center jobs is the availability of CRM software, or customer relations management software, to make these jobs easier. In addition, new technology in general has changed the way customer service call center jobs are done.

CRM software also allows customer service call center jobs to be more task oriented and focused on helping customers resolve problems. Because CRM software and systems capabilities can be utilized in these types of applications, it can help those managing call center jobs focus on problems that need to be overcome, provide “”workflow”" decisions for support. This means that management doesn’t need to be contacted as often when customer service representatives are dealing with customers, providing cost effective and immediate solutions to customers with difficulties, and lowering costs overall.

CRM software helps to streamline customer service call center jobs because it allows for an established protocol of sorts to manage customer problems to be followed, which makes these types of customer service jobs easier. When customer service jobs are easier and more efficient, this leads to better productivity overall and an increase in job satisfaction, too.

More satisfied customers

In addition, customers get their needs met quickly and easily, without having to be placed on hold for extended periods of time, which means that customer satisfaction is also increased. All of this can lead to better productivity and greater profits for a business — and happy customers AND customer service representatives generally mean better business, overall.

Customer service call center jobs and satisfaction

Although customer services call center jobs can be among the least satisfying of those pursued in the sales industry, those that utilize CRM software to help manage the processes involved may actually be happier on the job, which again means greater productivity and profits overall.

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