Natural Common Cold Beaters

by billmason on June 30, 2011

People working on medical receptionist jobs know just how many patients catch cold each day. The cold virus is so widespread that nearly every single member of the household can catch it at a certain point in time. What’s worse is that once a member has it, it can easily be transferred to all the other family members. Although no fatal cases of cold have ever been recorded in history, it still makes the patient feel very weak.

Some people think that they can just shake off the cold virus and carry on with their daily tasks however; it can only worsen their conditions. There are already several cold medicines available in the local markets today but one can also try a few traditional remedies that have never failed in fighting against the cold virus.


This never fails to do the trick against cold. While some people believe that sweating from incessant body activities can help one feel better, it has proven to do otherwise. Catching a cold means that some virus have penetrated into your immune system and therefore makes you weak. Having a good rest through sleeping saves you a lot of strength to fight against this virus. It renews your immune system’s energy which allows it to function at its fullest. It is the body’s immune system that effectively scares the cold virus away, making it unable to break through your system again.


Water is not only a universal solvent but a universal cleanser, too. Drinking lots of it helps your body get cleaned from bad viruses. It also keeps you in good hydration in order to make your system stronger. According to records from medical receptionist jobs, it is recommended to consume at least eight generous glasses of water daily. An increased number of glasses will surely be helpful for cold patients.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid has gained a good reputation in its effective reinforcement of one’s immune system. Being a widely taken supplement, this vitamin strengthens the body’s resistance against infection and viruses. Though its appropriate amount for daily intake is debatable, adding the standard 250mg Vitamin C supplement to your diet will certainly prove to be beneficial for your health. You can also acquire this amount of ascorbic acid by eating citrus fruits or by drinking fruit juices. Doing so will increase your fluids for a better hydration.


Garlic is a classic in traditional herbal medicine. Not just for colds, documents from medical receptionist jobs prove it effective against several other kinds of viruses because of its effective contribution to the immune system. Putting a lot of garlic as ingredients to a patient’s meals will definitely speed up his recovery process. Although most people struggle against its taste, it is most efficient when eaten raw and grounded.

Fighting against cold generally has something to do with one’s immune system. It is the so-called natural defense installed in every human body. Composed with living cells and complex biological configurations, it does an awesome job of shielding the body from infections thus, keeping it healthy. Once some sorts of viruses pierce into this system, that’s when the body gets sick. Therefore, as per people in medical receptionist jobs, it is very important to maintain a strong and healthy immune system to fight against diseases.

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